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Magic Recipe - See Ya, Sucker!

We're celebrating the release of Field Guide to Happiness all month long! This magic recipe is directly from the book. ;)

This magic recipe is to let go of something.


Pen, paper, black candle, orange or lemon essential oil, or the actual fruit, safe place to burn paper.

Time Involved

20 minutes


  1. Decide on something you want to let go of in your life.

  2. Write that thing on a piece of paper. You can just state it generally or write everything you feel.

  3. Safely burn it from the flame of a black candle.

  4. Either anoint yourself with your essential oil or just your fruit - knowing and feeling you’ve let it go, and you’re starting fresh.


You can make this more elaborate by adding:

  • Daffodils or daisies to display after the burning to signify new beginnings.

  • Wearing a smoky quartz crystal to neutralize the negative and promote the positive.

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