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Field Guide to Happiness can foster togetherness and individual gain in a work environment or a book club.

In fact, doing the activities in the book as a group can have the most profound benefits because it encourages consistency and commitment from each person.

The ways to use this book in a group or a book club are only numbered by your imagination, but below you'll find a few steadfast "best practices" and some ideas to get you up and running.  At the bottom of the page, there is also a PDF you can print off that has all of the information presented below.


1. Assign a leader.  This person will ensure the meetings go smoothly and any incentives are distributed.

2. Use a list of questions (below) that can be used as a discussion starter.



The Willy Nilly Approach

There are so many different activities to cultivate happiness in this book, and one of the perks is that people can go through and pick an activity that feels good to them at the moment.  

The group leader can decide how many activities need to be completed within a given timeframe.  For example, seven activities within a week, one day, or 15 activities within a month.  It is entirely up to the needs and desires of the group.

When it is time to meet, everyone will disclose what they did and if they met the goal.  Some questions (below) can be asked to spur discussion, and incentives or rewards can be given to those who complete the goal.

The Race

This is a really fun way to incorporate this book into your group!  Everybody gets a sheet that they fill out to track what they did to create more happiness in their life.  (Two options are included in the PDF.)  The top 3 people to complete the sheet gets a prize!  

Of course, this is highly customizable.  It could be that whenever somebody fills out an entire happiness tracker, they get a prize.  This will keep people going until their sheet is filled out, and that is an excellent thing because the more happy activities a person does, the happier they become. :) If you keep providing sheets, they will keep doing their happiness activities, creating happier people!


The Hands-On Approach 

Many activities can be done as a group.  Whether it's daily affirmations, a magic recipe, Happiness Boosters - Do for Others, and more!  You can pick activities from the book and complete them as a team.

The Relaxation Approach

With the purchase of this book, you receive several MP3 downloads that create relaxation in your life.  Many people enjoy group meditation or visualization, which is a great way to bring people together.  It can be coupled with a daily affirmation in the book and a Happiness Booster!

These are all great ways to incorporate Field Guide to Happiness into your work environment or book club!  Of course, the possibilities are endless, and you and your group can create a method that works best for you.

In the PDF below are all of the above ideas, two happiness trackers, a list of questions to further discussion and encourage a sense of togetherness, and a list of potential rewards and incentives.

Click PDF icon to open PDF!

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