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10 Ways to Pay It Forward

The whole month of October, we're celebrating the release of Field Guide to Happiness with excerpts from the book! The post is from the Happiness Boosters/Do for Others part of the book. I hope you enjoy them! ;) (There's a lot more of these in the book.)

1. Have Fun!

Take somebody out on a friend date! Plan the activities around what they enjoy and allow yourself to enjoy the experience too.

2. I Love You

Many times we take love for granted. Let somebody know you love them by telling them, “I love you!”

3. I’m Proud Of You

Most people are working toward a goal or have just achieved something big. Tell them that you are proud of them and why! It will boost their confidence!

4. Help Them Achieve

Help somebody achieve a goal! You can either brainstorm with them, teach them something or connect them with somebody who can help them. Any of those will show your support beyond words.

5. Just Because

Buy or make somebody a thoughtful gift just because. No reason is needed except for the recipient to be happy.

6. Care Package

Put together a special care package for somebody and give it to them! Think about their likes and dislikes while putting it together, but there is nothing wrong with introducing them to something you like as well. Make sure to include a little note about why they deserve this package!

7. List Their Goodness

Make a list of things you admire and love about somebody! Everybody deserves to have this kind of list given to them because it gives them insight that they may not recognize about themselves.

8. Secret Admirer

Leave nice notes for somebody to find, telling them why they are fantastic! Don’t add your name, though - it makes it more intriguing for them!

9. Support Our Feathered Friends

Put out a simple bird feeder and birdbath! Your generosity will be rewarded by being able to watch them enjoy it.

10. Tip Big!

The next time you are given the opportunity to tip - tip extra big! The person receiving it will be so happy!

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