The go-to guide to create happiness & live a magical life

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If you have been searching for happiness, an easy way to be happy, how to be happy, and/or a way to create your life into a magical life, this book is for you. There are no new methods to learn, simply a guide to remind you of what you already know.







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Kellie C.

A book full of treasures for everyday magic! It's an invaluable addition to my self-care practice. I wake up and can't wait to see what's on the happiness docket for the day.


Field Guide to Happiness! What a comprehensive, informative, captivating guide to finding and maintaining your bliss. I am so looking forward to this portable guide. Please join me in rethinking how to not only find happiness, but keep the magic of living.



 I had a great time reading the book! It is incredible, highly uplifting, and positive. I wish you the best of luck with this book. I am sure it's going to be a success.

Judy F.


If you are looking for a happiness booster, look no further!  Erin has thoughtfully and artfully organized everything you need to get started, and to STAY, on the road to happiness.  If you ever find yourself lacking enthusiasm and/or organization, pick up this book and put it in your purse.  It's a wonderful resource to use on an everyday basis and also a fabulous tool to be used as a "Pick-me-up!" whenever you're on the run. 
Brava, Erin, and thank you for the reminder that we all can choose to be happy.  I'm already feeling the Love.....
~ April K.

The moment I started reading the book- I was impressed after seeing the DEDICATED section. The book is dedicated to women- who go against all odds and strip off the labels imposed on them.

The line that I liked the most in the introduction part of the book was:

When you make your happiness a priority in your life, you will notice when you are not happy.


The bonuses section, followed by a detailed overview of the book's contents, is made to suit everyone.

The book consisted of happiness boosters, magic recipes, and daily intentions.

There were beautiful and inspiring quotes in between.

There were daily affirmations for each month of the year- a much-needed happiness booster.

The magic recipes were the best part of the book to me. It did not seem like an instruction book teaching you just how to be happy by writing speeches and lectures. It consisted of interesting and interactive stuff- that I personally am fond of. This makes the content more trustable and relatable.

I highly suggest everyone does give this book a read. It is a masterpiece and you won’t be bored at all. A book like this is much needed, especially at a time when the world has just come out of a global pandemic and several suffered mental health issues.

~ Vaishali Pant

Field guide to happiness by Erin Chavez is a wonderful book that brings in a fresh breeze of happy vibes. Happiness is a vital part to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, happiness should be prioritized.

This book spreads positive energy and teaches people how to be happy every day. I especially liked the ideas suggested in the book about instant solace, meditation, color therapy, using aromatherapy, repetition of positive thoughts, the importance of traveling, having a connection to mother earth, gratitude, self-love, and affirmations and  how to use them in a better way 

It provides 365 days of daily messages to uplift oneself. It contains daily teachings on a wide range of topics for happy life mantras. Basically, this book consists of unique magical recipes for rejuvenating everyday life.

I recommend this book to everyone to take control of their life and practice happiness. This book is a quick and easy read and also has the power to bring magic into your life.
~ Srushti K.

This book has such a positive vibe to it from the very first page. It makes you want to search for happiness and gives a very optimistic perspective on how to be happy. At the introduction part the author has written: " The fact is, though, we have consumed ourselves with things that don’t make us happy. Most of all, we’ve conditioned our minds to preoccupy ourselves from happiness." I believe this to be very true especially as woman. We are instructed by society to be there for others, to be the helping hand that everyone needs and we have forgotten our own happiness. That's why I find this book so helpful. It forces us to focus on our own happiness, our own needs and that it is okay to do so.


This isn't a book that you read once and be done with it. This is a book that you keep by your side and will want to come back to anytime you forget yourself. I highly recommend for everyone to read it :)

~ Jona Murataj

The world is currently moving at a breakneck pace. Everything seems to change so fast. People seem to be getting lost each day and completely forgetting who they really are. We are working hard to try to catch up with the new trends such that we are left feeling stranded, lost, anxious, and sometimes depressed at the end of the day. Many medical conditions have come up as a result, and thus lives have been ruined. Conditions that would have otherwise been avoided if we learned how to live differently; if we learned how to stop and smell the roses.


But all is not lost. The book Field Guide To Happiness is a pure gift given to the world to bring us freedom and the wisdom to find peace, joy, fulfillment, self-love, healthy self-esteem, and so much more in our daily lives.


The author, Erin Chavez, did justice to this book by making it so easy to read and comprehend by presenting it in sections and even including activities to make it more practical. In all honesty, this book is a treasure and should be found in every institution, every office, and social welfare group. Both the young and the old should have this book and practice what's written in it day and night.


 The results are incredible; a healthier and more fulfilling life. I also noticed the desire captivated in my heart to spread this beautiful way of living to other people around me, thus making the world a better place to live in. Isn't that what we all want? I just can't get enough of it.

Thank you, Erin Chavez.




If you want happiness, this is the best place to start.

It’s time to feel better.  It’s time to feel happy!  


The chances are good that you have an excellent collection of books that teach you how to be happy and how to manifest the life of your dreams.  You read, love, and implement these teachings with success for a week or so, but then life gets in the way, and you let what you learned fall to the wayside.


The Field Guide to Happiness is a compilation of activities, methods, and resources in one guidebook. It is not a book that you read from cover to cover, but rather a resource that you thumb through daily to find a quick activity to spark your happiness. This guidebook makes it easy to get happy and live your magical life!


When you’re happy, life’s magic unfolds before you, and you live a life that is beyond your wildest dreams.


Inside you will find:​

  • 365 Daily Intentions

  • 20 Magic Recipes

  • 160+ Happiness Boosters

  • 11 Visualizations  

  • 150+ Affirmations

  • 100 Journaling Prompts

  • 50 Future Journaling Prompts

  • Almost 50 positive and inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout!

  • And more!

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Field Guide to Happiness is for you if you want or need more happiness in your life.  And if you're alive - more happiness is always a good thing!  This book has been created for women, by a woman... something that is sorely missing in our culture.  Who knows the trials of being a woman more than another woman?

Author, Erin Chavez, has continually been put through the wringer of life yet has always been able to find happiness.  She consistently did this by using the techniques in this book. 

With Field Guide to Happiness, you don't have yet another technique or method to learn.  When you open this book to any page, you will find a fun idea that you can quickly implement, growing your happiness.  Or, if you thumb to a page and aren't really feeling the suggestion that day, you can always go to a different page until you find one that suits your mood.  

When you purchase Field Guide to Happiness, you will receive over $200 in bonuses, and 10% of net proceeds will be donated to one of eight charities of your choosing.

Life's magic will be revealed to you when you are happy, and you'll find that attaining your desires is so much easier when you're happy.  You don't need to look for or do anything special to have this magic - you only need to choose to do things that make you happy, and the Field Guide to Happiness will make that easy for you.  

You, your happiness, and your desires are worth it.

"Please join me in rethinking how to not only find happiness, but keep the magic of living." ~ Judy F.

Erin Chavez, Author

Happiness is the Language of Life

Chances are you and I are a lot alike.  We've both seen many rotations around the sun and have had our fair share of heartache, adventure, love, dreams, and varying degrees of happiness in life.

I learned from a very young age that being happy helped to not only get me through the rough times, but it made the good times even more magical.  And it took me many years to realize just how magical being consistently happy really is. 


That's when I started to dive into the topic to see exactly what brought me the most happiness on a daily basis, so I could experience that magic exponentially.

That's what I've put together in this book for us.  It's full of very easy ways to feel happiness.  Is there anything new in this book?  Probably not.  But this book is a complete reference book to make your life and your happiness easier.  Because when we're happy, life is magical.




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There are 365 daily affirmations!  Some are fun, some will stretch your awareness level, but they are all for your happiness.
Have you ever done a magic recipe?!  These activities are to achieve outcomes from attaining your goals to getting along with neighbors!

Happiness Boosters!  This is a MEGA list of scientifically and metaphysically proven things that will create more happiness within you!

Made for you visualizations!  You have 11 visualizations that you can record yourself, or read straight from the book.  A few of the titles are, "The Confidence Critter", "Free to Be Me", "Living Peace & Joy", and "Give Love. Receive Love."

A plethora of affirmations!  You'll never need another affirmation book, or to spend your time searching for good affirmations.  There are over 100 of them in this book!

Great things to do... IF we could remember to do them!  In this book, they are all laid out for you so you will always have them at your fingertips - no more trying to remember them, or reaching for several different books!  These go-to practices include Ho'oponopono, Brain Dump Pages, Various Journaling Techniques (with over 150 journaling prompts), How to make a Visualization Menu, and more!

A reference section!  We have so many great resources available, but, again, we tend to forget about them.  In the reference section of the book, you'll have an emotion chart, info on energy & vibration, the universal laws, the low-down on your chakras, and easy and fun divination techniques!

Fun pages throughout!  All throughout the book, you'll find pages that have a motivational or inspirational quote, a fact about happiness, and a place for you to write down your thoughts, notes, and ideas!



Table of Contents





How to Use This Book


Section 1 - Get Happy!

Daily Intentions - 365

Magic Recipes

Happiness Boosters

Popular Boosters

Do for Others Boosters

Self Love Boosters


Section 2 - Convey Your Desires




Section 3 - Go-To Practices


Brain Dump Pages


Journaling Prompts

Future Journaling

Future Journaling Prompts


Visualization Menu


Feel Your Way

Self Expression


Section 4 - Reference

Emotions Chart

Energy & Vibration

Universal Laws


Divination (common & easy)


In Conclusion


Recommended Reading

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They save endangered wildlife and protect our planet. They create rainforest reserves through various means.

"To provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.”

Erin Chavez Field Guide to Happiness


I appreciate your support with your purchase of  "The Field Guide To Happiness"!  It truly makes happiness and life's magic attainable and easy for you. 
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