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The Field Guide to Happiness is a book that will create

happiness in the lives of your customers and employees. 

If you want happiness, this is the best place to start.
It’s time to feel better.  It’s time to feel happy!  


The Field Guide to Happiness is a compilation of activities, methods, and resources in one guidebook. It is not a book that is read from cover to cover but a resource that is thumbed or scrolled through daily to find a quick activity to spark happiness. This guidebook makes it easy to get happy and live a magical life!


When someone is happy, life’s magic unfolds, and living a life beyond one's wildest dreams is the result.


Inside you will find:​

  • 365 Daily Intentions

  • 20 Magic Recipes

  • 160+ Happiness Boosters

  • 11 Visualizations  

  • 150+ Affirmations

  • 100 Journaling Prompts

  • 50 Future Journaling Prompts

  • Almost 50 positive and inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout!

  • Access to Over $200 in Bonuses

  • And much more!

Life's magic is revealed when someone chooses happiness.  They don't need to look for or do anything special to have this magic - one only needs to choose to do things that make them happy, and the Field Guide to Happiness makes that easy and achievable.  


Keeping our customers engaged and loyal is essential; we all know that.   Accomplishing that is an entirely different story. 

There are five big reasons why Field Guide to Happiness will make and keep your customers engaged, loyal and happy:

1. The book's topic - it provides easy ways for a person to be happy.

2. They will get something of quality for free - imagine if it were another company giving you this book.

3. You will stay present in their minds whenever they open the book.

4. Word of mouth will increase because they will tell people your company gave them an awesome book.

5. They will have a sense of obligation to your company because you gave them a gift.

Customer Relations


Employee engagement is at the forefront of all good companies' agendas.  After all, happy employees make for happy customers, which means more success for your company.

There is a reason why company retreats work so well - it's because it creates happiness, an experience, and a bond between the employees that lasts long after the retreat.  Imagine if you could create those feelings with a simple book.  

You can!  And if you're wondering how to do so, it is laid out nicely here for free.  

Using Field Guide to Happiness within your company will not only create that overall sense of happiness, a group experience, and bond, but it will affect each employee on a personal level, making them a happier person at their core.  I'm sure you have that one person you pass each day that exudes happiness, love, and positivity.  Now imagine many of your employees feeling that way, and how that won't just benefit the person but your company as well!

Employee Engagement


As stated above, I am open to and love creative ideas.  Let me know if you have a creative idea or want to brainstorm with me to see what is possible.  


Up to 10,000 downloads        $    9,900 (.99 cents per copy)

Up to 50,000 downloads        $  30,000 (.60 cents per copy)

Up to 500,000 downloads      $200,000 (.40 cents per copy)

Up to 1,000,000 downloads   $300,000 (.30 cents per copy)

Physical Book

I am continually searching for lower printing costs.  These prices are subject to change based on printing costs, your shipping location, if you have a loading dock (that typically lowers the price), and other possible scenarios.  Prices listed are based on shelf-ready books with no customizations. Economy shipping is included.  Tax not included. 

Economy service - usually prints with 5 business days                                                               

0-5              $24.99 each

6-20            $16.71 each

21-50          $14.15 each

51-100        $12.04 each

101-500      $10.56 each

501-1000    $  8.58 each

1001-2000  $  7.58 each

2001-3000  $  7.02 each

3001 +         $  6.52 each

Extended service - usually printing within 60 business days

1001-2000  $  6.98 each

2001-3000  $  4.88 each

3001 +         $  3.40 each


You want to improve your bottom line.  I can help. Use one of the links below to contact me. 


I am open to creative ideas that will benefit everyone.  I can't overstate that - I LOVE CREATIVE IDEAS! 


Also, if you'd like to receive either an ebook or physical book, email me at the link below with your name and address, as well as if you'd like an ebook or physical book.

I am committed to your success because when one person is happy, it improves the world.


There are specific benefits to choosing either an ebook or a physical book for your company's needs.


  • Can be used as an email/text sign-up incentive.

  • Can be used as any incentive specific to your company.

  • Easily accessed on a tablet, phone, or computer.

  • Less expensive than physical books.


  • Higher perceived value.

  • Creates greater engagement because it's a physical product.

  • Creates a greater sense of commitment.

  • Your company sticker can be placed on the cover.


What if I have multiple shipping locations?

With the current printer, each shipping location will be billed for the number of books they receive.  So, if you have one address with 35 copies of the book, you will be charged $14.15 per book shipped to that location, and if you have another location with 160 copies needed, you will be charged $10.56 per book shipped to that location.

Is shipping included?

Economy shipping is included in the price per book.  It is not insured or trackable.  (There have never been any issues, but it is an assumed risk.)  Upgraded shipping is available, but it increases the price.  For upgraded shipping pricing, click here to contact.  Include the number of books per delivery address, delivery address(es) and if you want economy or extended service (see "Bulk Pricing" above.)

What is the return policy?

No returns on book sales.

What is the tax rate?

Texas sales tax is currently 8.25%.

Can I get a complementary sample issue?

Absolutely!  Send an email with your name, address, company name, and what intrigues you about bulk sales of Field Guide to Happiness.  You can also sign up for the mailing list and get a free, full PDF version.

Can I print with my own printer?

This would fall under a "creative idea."  Contact me, and we'll figure it out together.

How much do I pay upfront?

You pay 50% upon ordering and 50% when the books ship (or when the eBook is delivered).

What if there is a problem with the books shipped to me?

Please understand that the physical books come directly from the printer, so I cannot inspect them before their arrival.  If there is an issue, contact me, and I will contact the printer.  Send pictures of the books with issues.

Can I get a quote, and how long are quotes valid?

Yes!  Contact me, and we can either email, text, or discuss your needs.  Don't worry - it won't be salesy on my end - I am not good at that.  I will answer your questions, and your needs will dictate the pricing.  Quotes are valid for seven days but are likely good for at least two weeks.

What types of payments are accepted?

Company check (must clear before order is placed), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, possibly American Express.

How do I place a bulk order?

Contact me at or call/text 469-360-6918.  We'll talk about your needs and go from there.

Who handles eBook set-up?

Your IT department handles whatever method you will use for your eBook delivery. 

What format is the eBook delivered to me?

It can be delivered in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats.

What if I need something not listed here?

Contact Erin.

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