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How to Create A Magical Life

Take a moment, wherever you are, and think about the person you long to be. It's okay to conjure up yourself as someone magnificent!! Make this as magical as you can imagine!

(After all, if you can see it, it is already yours...)

Okay, you got that image? Really solidify it for yourself by feeling and fulfilling the answers to these questions...

  1. You ARE the person you long to be! Are you sitting with a comfortable yet confident posture? (If you're not, fix your posture now!)

  2. You ARE the person you long to be! Are you worried about or have any negative thoughts or feelings about anything? (If you do, know that the person you long to be is happy, healthy, and wealthy!)

  3. You ARE the person you long to be! What's on your to-do list? Since you are the person you long to be, don't you think it's time that your to-do list includes things that your magnificent being needs to get done? (Put those things on a list now, and promise you'll do at least one thing each day that will get you closer to realizing you are that person!)

  4. You ARE the person you long to be! How can you start living as if you are the magical, magnificent person you are? Think, act, and speak as if you ARE that person!

If you do all four of those things, you will create your magical life. All of them are so important and fun to do on a daily basis! We'd be crazy to not do them. ;)

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