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How to Change Your Life With Gratitude

There may not be an easier way to change your life for the better than by simply being grateful. And the great news is that once you start noticing the things in your life that you feel gratitude for, more awesome things will come into your reality, causing more reasons to feel grateful. And, of course, the more you have to feel grateful for, the happier you will become!

How do you implement gratitude into your life? Below are 3 simple ways.

  1. Start a gratitude journal. Daily, jot down five things that you are grateful for. In the beginning, it will be obvious things like your home, car, etc. But as you continue, you will start noticing that you are grateful for clean water, a safe community, and things like that. Before long, you will notice how grateful you are for the breeze on your face, seeing a bird play in the wind, and the love you witness between two strangers.

  2. Notice your senses. Think about all of the wonderful things you see, hear, touch, taste, and feel. When you start this, you will really bring yourself into the present moment. And that is such a gift.

  3. Purposefully bring gratitude into your life. Smile on purpose, say thank you, tell people why you are grateful for them and do things that will allow you to feel grateful.

Being grateful will change your life. It is such a simple change, but that one change will avalanche into something of beauty.

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