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Grow Your Happiness

We all crave more happiness in our lives at some point or another. Today, there is a simple tip that will help you grow your happiness, and that tip is to get outside!

Being outside has so many fabulous facets for your happiness. One of the most obvious reasons is the sunshine! Sunlight absorbed by our skin will increase our vitamin d, which can help with depression and anxiety!

Also, being in nature has been shown to reduce anger, fear and stress while increasing feel-good feelings, among other great things.

Here's a list of what being outside can do for you:

  1. Decreases inflammation

  2. Improves short-term memory

  3. Boosts your immune system

  4. Reduces stress

  5. Improves your sleep

  6. Helps you recover from injury quicker

  7. Improves your relationships

  8. Increases overall feelings of happiness

And let's take a moment to acknowledge the fact that being outside is a great way to be mindful. The feel of the sun on your skin, the kiss of the breeze, the dance of the leaves, the wafted smell of flowers... If you take the time to simply be while you are outside, you will notice all of the great things that are always around you - and that, in turn, grows your happiness.

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