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Bag O' Confidence

Are you lacking confidence and want to know how to get some in a fun and unique way? Look no further! Here's a fun Magic Recipe to create confidence in your life!

Magic Recipe

Bag o' Confidence

For confidence


Something yellow (confidence & positive energy), Rosemary (feminine power), Red Jasper Stone (build inner strength), Lavender (cleanse negativity), Orange Peel (freedom to be you), small cloth bag

Time Involved

It varies to find objects plus 5 minutes to put together.


  1. Procure all the items (dried herbs work perfectly fine).

  2. Put all of the items in the cloth bag.

  3. After all of your items are in the bag, put the bag under your pillow.

  4. Each night before going to sleep, imagine you in a power pose - either with your arms behind your head and your feet up on a desk or with your arms raised in victory - pumping them with excitement.

  5. Be grateful for your bag of confidence, send it gratitude, and feel it send you back confidence.


Taking the time to procure the items that go in the bag is part of this magic recipe. Put anything in your bag that means confidence to you!

This is a Magic Recipe from FIELD GUIDE TO HAPPINESS, release date October 1st, 2022. (Get your free sample of the book and weekly Happiness Challenges here.)

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