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31 Daily Intentions

Through the end of October, we're celebrating the release of Field Guide to Happiness! The following daily intentions are taken straight from the book and are for the month of October.

1 Today I catch mean things I say to myself and turn them into something lovely.

2 Today I will ask for what I want!

3 Today I take an issue in my life and look at it from a different angle.

4 Today I pursue happiness down every path.

5 Today I allow happiness, love, and peace to fill me.

6 Today I smile and wave at a stranger as if I know them.

7 Today I will take one small step to reach my goal.

8 Today I will write down my favorite five things about my partner or future partner.

9 Today I will be bold, be free, and be me!

10 Today I realize society does not know the truth. What do I want my truth to be? Anything is possible!

11 Today I will get funky in whatever way feels good to me!

12 Today I will allow my thoughts to wander to simply see where they go. If I notice they are going negative, I will steer them toward happiness.

13 Today I will think about what new habit I want in my life and how to incorporate that habit.

14 Today I will clean out one drawer and get rid of what I don’t need anymore.

15 Today I will come up with a mantra and repeat it throughout the day.

16 Today I will do something nice for somebody else.

17 Today I will learn a new word and use it!

18 Today I focus on what I love — not what I fear.

19 Today I will take stock of where I am, where I want to be, and take steps to get there.

20 Today I will write down three things I want others to know about me, and then I will start to show that side of me.

21 Today I will take a moment to breathe. I allow my exhale to be 2x longer than my inhale.

22 Today I will do something to make a positive difference in somebody’s life.

23 Today I realize that my health is what I believe it to be.

24 Today I will take the time to enjoy my food!

25 Today I will buy a piece of art. (Etsy is a great, inexpensive place to look.)

26 Today I will take 5 minutes to organize something.

27 Today I will journal about my strengths and how I can use them in my life.

28 Today I remember that I have the power to fix anything because I am magical!

29 Today I will make a checklist of all the things I want to get done.

30 Today I remind myself that I can do anything! I ask for answers and believe in myself.

31 Today I realize society does not know the truth. What do I want my truth to be? Anything is possible!

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