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10 Journaling Prompts

All month long, we're celebrating the release of Field Guide to Happiness with excerpts directly from the book! Today's excerpt is all about journaling prompts! While there are only 10 listed in this blog post, there are 100 journaling prompts in the book!

10 Journaling Prompts

  1. Write about how you see yourself vs. how others see you.

  2. If your heart was doing the writing, what would it say to you today?

  3. Write about three things you can do to become healthier.

  4. What would you do if money was unlimited in your life?

  5. Write a letter forgiving somebody. (You don’t need to send it.)

  6. What one trait do you wish everybody had and why?

  7. You can move anywhere in the world. Where is it, and why?

  8. What is the most important thing you have ever learned, and how have you implemented it?

  9. Describe how you want to be remembered and if you’re living that way right now.

  10. Write about a recurring dream.

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