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What's with all the Happiness?

If you've glanced anywhere on this site, you'll see the reoccurring theme of happiness. It's everywhere! In fact, it's my mission. I intend to do anything and everything that could add to the happiness in your life. Why is it so important though? Why is it something I've dedicated my life to? The answer is really quite simple...

When we are happy, things go our way. When things go our way, MORE things go our way.

When we are happy, we activate the magic that is out there in the ether and that magic creates a marvelous life for you! Don't ask me how - it's legit magic. :)

Happiness doesn't mean you have to be elated all the time. It can mean peace, contentment, love, gratitude, awe, ease... Any feeling that feels good.

How do we get to this state of happiness? We choose it.

I know, I know. For some people this can seem downright hard, and choosing it can feel like the last thing that is humanly possible. BUT if you choose to feel just a little better than you feel right now, you're on the right path. Here is a chart that will show you the next better feeling:

Get your free PDF Emotion Chart here:

The Emotion Chart
Download PDF • 94KB

The words on the chart can mean different things to different people, so use it as a guide and don't get caught up in the exact wording.

Let's get back to choosing happiness. We literally create our lives based upon what we think about and what we believe. Think that's wonky? Take a part of your life you don't really like right now. Now, think about what you SAY or THINK about that part of your life. I guarantee you it's negative. Do the same thing for something that is going right in your life. Again, I guarantee you what you say or think about that area of your life is positive.

You create your life based on your thoughts and beliefs.

So, in choosing happiness, you will be creating more happiness in your life. It truly is that simple... but us humans tend to make it hard. Our egos get in the way. The way things are "supposed to be" get in the way. The things we've been taught gets in the way. The way we were raised gets in the way. Basically, our thoughts and beliefs get in the way. We are WAY too much in our heads and WAY too much not in our hearts.

Let's make this really easy - this whole happiness thing.

  1. Do things that feel good.

  2. If you have to do something that doesn't feel good, find the positive in that thing and focus on that.

  3. Be consciously aware of how you feel and what you are thinking. If it's not a good feeling thought, consciously change your thought (refer to chart above)!

There ya have it! The purpose behind happiness - the purpose behind this website and my mission, is to help you find more happiness in your life. When you are happier more than when you are not, amazing things will happen for you. You will ride that good feeling all the way to everything you can dream of having.

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