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We Are Capable of Anything!

From time to time, I will share my personal journal entry with you all if I think it will help you in some way. Today is one of those days. :)

You know I'm all about your happiness; because when you're happy, your life becomes magical. Well, this journal entry lays out exactly how to get there. It's something I've known for some time now, but it's hard to grasp and implement.

Within this entry, I refer to Mike and Pam. Mike is Mike Dooley, and Pam is Pam Grout. They are currently hosting a 21 Day Playshop that focuses on manifestation, so that is what I'm referring to in the entry. If you don't know either of these people, I highly recommend checking them out. They are both so much fun and very insightful! You can find Mike Dooley at TUT.COM (he has so many great books, free spiritual tune-ups, and hosts 21-day adventures frequently), and Pam Grout has SO many wonderful books at

I also think it's important to share that I posed a question to myself/the universe a few days ago. I wanted to know how to make "all of this" easier. There seem to be so many rules to follow, and it's too hard to fit everything in one day - so I wanted to know how it could be easier to create and how to access the magic.

Below is my journal entry and what my spirit guides had to say about it. I have added some clarification to my journal entry in red text.

HERE'S THE JOURNAL ENTRY: Yesterday I had a huge understanding, and I'm hoping that by writing about it, I can solidify it in my thoughts and behavior. To start, in Mike's and Pam's course, I was supposed to question long-held beliefs. I kinda shrugged it off, thinking I already "knew" the truth. (Although, not living or understanding them completely.) But in Mike's spiritual tune-up, he talked about how we are the creator of our reality. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah." I've heard that over and over. I went to meet my son for lunch. I made a (youtube) playlist for the car with one song and the rest videos.

It turned out that ALL of the videos were about ME being the creator of my reality! When it hit me what was going on, I was surprised. And then I REALLY started paying attention and feeling it in my body.

* I AM the universe in physical, human form. (As we all are - for all of this.) * I AM here to play and experience this human life. * I AM so powerful because I AM the creator. * I AM! * If my thoughts get in the way of what I want - that's okay because I am here to experience life. * My path is always the right path because I'm here to experience life. In my human perception, my time as a human could be great or bad - when I get back to the other side, it will be awesome no matter what! The angels, my spirit guides, our higher selves... they are "here" - available to us to help our human experience. As spiritual, eternal beings, we are here to play! We know our human lives are temporary. This is why whatever we believe, think, and say - they (and my higher self) are all on board to make it happen. It's part of the rules of this game of human life! So... if we, as humans, tap into our SPIRIT world, and we follow the rules set up for successful gameplay (Predetermined. We knew the "rules" before we came to earth.), our human self will perceive that as a win! A great, successful life! Connecting with the other side. Watching our thoughts (because those are our game pieces) (as are beliefs, words, and emotions.) Those are how we play the game to succeed. (To succeed in human terms.) (And I love the thought about those things being our game pieces!) AND - MOST IMPORTANT - KNOWING I AM THE MOST POWERFUL ENTITY AND I AM HERE FOR A GOOD TIME! If I approach any desire from the HUMAN standpoint, it will come from a place of lack and will be MUCH harder to achieve. IF, however, I approach it from my true self, my higher self, my creator self... it's easy, and my desire is as good as achieved. (This might be the most important realization I had for myself yesterday.) This is why the "rich get richer," and the privileged (born that way) have such an (outwardly) easy life. And, by outwardly easy life, I mean in terms of success as we humans see it. There are also those people who don't APPEAR to be winning to the human world, who are very SUCCESSFUL at what we can't measure - happiness, peace, and love. THIS IS WHAT I CHANNELED AFTER WRITING THE ABOVE:

Erin! Yes, yes, yes! Live from and AS your true self to "win the game"! This is why it is so important to know what you want! What KIND of game do you want to play? What means success to you? Act from your higher self toward the WINS you want to have, and there's no way you won't get them. You'll always win.


And all of our tools - gratitude, meditation, visualization, etc. are designed to connect us to our true, creator selves! THIS IS ME WRITING TO YOU GUYS :) :

After I wrote all of that, and before I started an email to my friends about this, I went to my TUT dashboard to check today's assignment with the Mike Dooley and Pam Grout course. I got so confused because what I THOUGHT I read yesterday isn't what was on there at all! I really got sent on a journey of my own creation yesterday. I don't know if the journal entry sounds different from what we have heard before. But, the information hit me at such a different level yesterday, and I HAD to share it with you all. Hopefully, it comes across differently than what we've heard before.

Below are the videos that I had in my playlist. I haven't listened to them since, so maybe they are like the assignment from Mike & Pam's course and don't really have anything to do with what I wrote about. Nevertheless, I wanted to share them. AND I added the song video, too - I can't get enough of it. It has such a good feel to the music and their voices. :)

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