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I'll Prove You Are Magic

We talk quite a bit, on this site, that we are magical beings. I'm about to prove it to you!

Author Pam Grout has a book out called, "E-Squared". It's all about little experiments you can do in order to realize the power - the magic - that you have! This post is similar to Pam's book. Below, there is an experiment for you to do to prove to yourself just how magical you are! EXPERIMENT For the next week, decide you are going to see butterflies every day! And then, keep mental track of how many you see. They can be images of butterflies, butterflies on TV, real butterflies... you get the picture. Put a note somewhere you'll see it in the morning, so you remind yourself what you are doing. You can substitute butterflies for anything you want; quarters, red shirts, people laughing - anything. Keep in mind that if you want to see something that you normally see when you aren't at home, you have to actually get out of your house! The purpose of this experiment is to prove what you focus on comes into your life. Pure magic! Think about all of the possibilities with this! Also, think about what you put your focus on that you don't want in your life! Gads. Start small at first, like the experiment above. Keep it light. Be amazed when you see what you've decided upon. Do that and then move on to something a little bigger and a little bigger. The reason you don't want to go full gusto in the beginning is because you probably don't have the belief that you can have that - or else you'd already have it. You need to build up your belief in this magical power of yours; and butterflies are a beautiful place to start.

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