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Your Thoughts carry Vibes - A Channeled Message

Have you ever sat on the water's edge and tossed a rock to see the ripples? What you are seeing there is life on earth emulating the magic of the other side. Those ripples are vibrations.

If the rock equals your thought (good or bad) and the ripples equal the effect of your thought, you can get a clue about how your thoughts create your world.

Big rocks make a big impact. Small rocks make a small impact. One rock and the ripples don't last long. Many rocks, one right after the other, keep the ripples going a lot longer.

This isn't to say that you need to keep thinking your thought on repeat every day, all day. It means you need to have a focused thought on a daily basis to keep these vibes going.

Let's be clear - this works for good AND bad thoughts. Do you complain? Uh-oh. You better stop sending out those vibes. Throw a different rock.

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