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Soul-Flow - A Channeled Message

Obligations on earth are at an all-time high. We ask you to question your obligations.

In questioning what you really want to happen, it will open you up to simply going with the flow more often!

When you go with the flow of life, instead of doing what you feel obligated to do, you will open the doors for my synchronicities to flow to you. You know, those things that happen, as if by magic, that help you in wonderful ways.

How do you go with the flow?

First, if an obligation doesn't feel good - don't do it!

Second, get in that flow by doing what feels good at a soul level. You're looking for that soul-flow!

Maybe it's as big as moving to another state so you are more in tune with nature. Perhaps it's as small as not talking to the parent clique at your kid's soccer practice and knitting instead.

If you're heading into an obligation you don't enjoy, literally ask yourself what would be more enjoyable instead.

Never stop asking. Your soul-flow will feel so good!

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