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Open your heart to be in the present - a channeled message

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Open your heart and let the goodness sink in! Do this by appreciating the flowers and the breeze on your face! Be present, be open, be love.

The present truly is a gift. It IS, after all, where the magic of life lives!

Life on earth is so vastly different from what you've been taught. All of the hard work and sacrifice are futile.

Taking the time to feel the wind on your skin, the scent of a flower or puppy, the shadows that dance across the earth... Those are the moments well spent.

Life is meant to be easy and to experience that easy, you simply MUST enjoy the present moments.

It's weird how it all works out, but trust us when we say it is magical.

By taking the time to enjoy the present moment, you create this energy within you that stays with you. It makes the other parts of your day flow.

You will create more love, peace, and joy in your life, simply by noticing the present moment.

It's okay to start small. Schedule a couple of minutes into your day to enjoy the present moment. It won't be long until you catch yourself doing it organically.

And, if you notice, you'll realize that life has gotten easier as time goes by.

You won't react the same way to things that used to irritate you. You realize that you have become more of the earth human you are... one of love, peace and joy.


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