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All is Connected - A Channeled Message

You, dear human, are capable of moving mountains! You can move them, create them, or break them down; and you can do it all with focused thought.

There is one thing to remember here - feel that you ARE that mountain - because you are. We all are. We all are one, we all are connected. That includes people, animals, nature - everything. We know this is a huge concept to grasp. Allow us to help.

It's all about energy. Energy, AKA vibrations is/are everywhere. It's not that we are separate pieces of energy, we are all one energy - connected with love.

Love is energy. All you need to understand is that this energy that embraces all energy is working with your specific thoughts.

Your thoughts and your love connect us all - making us all one. And, yes, all of nature is made of this energy. It is all created with love.

This concept is far-reaching for many and can seem jumbled. We assure you it is not. Read and re-read this until it makes sense to you.

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