"Field Guide To Happiness is a pure gift given to the world to bring us freedom and the wisdom to find peace, joy, fulfillment, self-love, healthy self-esteem, and so much more in our daily lives." ~ Mitchelle



The chances are good that you have an excellent collection of books that teach you how to be happy and how to manifest the life of your dreams.  You read, love, and implement these teachings with success for a week or so, but then life gets in the way, and you let what you learned fall to the wayside.


The Field Guide To Happiness is a compilation of many activities, methods, and resources in one guidebook, so it is easy to do the things that will make you happy and your life magical.  With this book, you no longer need to try to implement or remember new techniques to create the happy life you desire. Instead, you hold in your hands the simplicity of happiness and life’s magic, and that is making a choice daily to create some sort of happiness.


When you’re happy, life’s magic unfolds before you, and you live a life that is beyond your wildest dreams.


365 Daily Intentions

20 Magic Recipes

160+ Happiness Boosters

11 Visualizations

150+ Affirmations

100 Journaling Prompts

50 Future Journaling Prompts

Almost 50 inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout!

Bonuses worth over $200


Your on-the-go resource for happiness and magic!

People are raving!

"Erin has thoughtfully and artfully organized everything you need to get started, and to STAY, on the road to happiness." ~ April 

"It did not seem like an instruction book teaching you just how to be happy by writing speeches and lectures. It consisted of interesting and interactive stuff- that I personally am fond of. This makes the content more trustable and relatable." ~ Vaishali 

"I recommend this book to everyone to take control of their life and practice happiness. This book is a quick and easy read and also has the power to bring magic into your life." ~ Srushti 

We are instructed by society to be there for others, to be the helping hand that everyone needs and we have forgotten our own happiness. That's why I find this book so helpful. It forces us to focus on our own happiness, our own needs and that it is okay to do so.
This isn't a book that you read once and be done with it. This is a book that you keep by your side and will want to come back to anytime you forget yourself. I highly recommend for everyone to read it :)"  ~ Jona

"In all honesty, this book is a treasure and should be found in every institution, every office, and social welfare group. Both the young and the old should have this book and practice what's written in it day and night." ~ Mitchelle