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Today I Am: A Journaling Visualization Tool for Manifestation is a new and exciting method to create the life you desire!

The fun part about this journal is when you are using it, you are writing as if you are already the person you desire to be.

Want to be a multi-millionaire?  No problem!  Fill out the pages as if you are already a multi-millionaire!

Want to be the healthiest version of you?  No problem!  Fill out the pages as if you are already the healthiest version of you!

Want to move to a new country and live an entirely different life?  Again - no problem!  Just fill out this journal as if you are already there, living the life you want!

Your options are unlimited - just like you.


This journal is to be filled out as if you already are the person you desire to be, with all of the happiness, love, wealth and health you could ever imagine!

See it as journaling your visualizations. In using this journal, you are setting intentions and letting the Universe, God, your Higher Self, whomever know exactly what you want from this life - PLUS you, yourself, are getting a much clearer picture of what you want from this life as well!

There are no limits because you are not limited. There is nothing taboo because any of your desires are worthy.

Simply dream all your good dreams and write them down as if they are already happening - in every detail!

It is recommended to use this journal every day, and preferably in the morning. It will keep you in the right frame of mind and when we stay in that frame of mind, all the good things we want will come quickly.

It may help to be clear on what you want. There are also a few pages to write down what you really, really want in this life! Each answer starts with "I am" because it is such a powerful statement that says exactly what you are!

This is a new and unique take on journaling and manifestation, so you will also find sample pages filled out as well. 

If you really enjoy this journal, and would like another one that is similar, please look for, "The Future Journal: A Tool for Manifestation".