The Tiny Booklet Cover.png

If you've ever wanted a message from Spirit, this is the message for you!  

This tiny booklet is a channeled message with a mere 267 words that will change your life if you follow what is presented.  It includes a simple visualization that will draw your desires to you.

Allow the loving ease of these words to fill you with excitement and allow your desire to come to the forefront of your life.

You owe it to yourself to be showered in the pure love in which this tiny booklet came.

Printed as a 4" x 6" booklet, this is pocket-sized for your convenience!

After the 267 word message for you, there is also a one page letter from Spirit  that was dictated for you as well.

Within the short message, you will remember:

  • How powerful you truly are.

  • How quickly you can change your situation.

  • That everything you want is already yours.

  • To tap into your feelings.

  • How important it is to give - and why.

  • What you are capable of.

  • What you are made of.

  • How to create your future.