Are you looking for a completely unique and most dirty coloring book that will make you laugh and gasp at the same time?

If so, this NSFW coloring book is for you!

Unique to this adult coloring book - insight into what prompted each coloring page!


With such a dirty and unique coloring book for adults, it's fun to be able to read a little bit about each page you'll color.


For example, "Are they sisters (I hope not)? Are they friends? Are they lovers? Whatever the case, 'Tickle Time' fancied my funny bone because just imagine walking upon this scene during a stroll in the woods. I'd probably hide and watch."


What you get:

  • Single sided printing so you don't have to worry about the back of the page getting bleed-through.

  • 30 completely unique pictures to color! Seriously. You've never seen anything like this before.

  • Satisfaction knowing you're supporting a (bad) artist. Seriously. That's a big one.

  • Fun memories of laughter, terror and disgust.


Don't buy this coloring book:

  • If you're looking for nice art.

  • If you get offended easily.

  • If you're a prude.


DO buy this coloring book:

  • If you like to laugh!

  • If you love that dirty mind of yours!

  • If you want to a completely unique gift!

  • If you're a cool person in general!




"I didn't feel guilty for laughing while looking through this hilarious, cringe-worthy coloring book. But I might be embarrassed if my mom finds this in my bedside table. But what's she doing looking there anyway?! If you've read the title and still look inside, just buy it already!" Kellie

"Where has this been all my life, was my first reaction. I love it and can't wait to color again." Ed

"What an absolute disaster-piece! This will surely be the dirtiest thing I purchase for a while, and with pleasure! This coloring book tickled me pink, and also made me a little queasy while flipping through, so I can only imagine in what ways they could be brought to life! The relatability of the faces throughout this work are staggering, and through imagining what life would be like in such scenes as these, it's as if you are right there with them! Truly, what a wonderful coloring book, and I would have to agree with the wording on the back, 'Perfect for the criminally insane.'" Jason

"Really f*cking weird and a little twisted, but damn it's funny. Give this to someone you either like a little too much or not at all." Ellie

"Look at the cover and didn't want to open it, but my wife made me. If I made this coloring book, they'd put me in jail. I could only look at 3 pictures. I'm out." Jaramie

"It looks like drawings from my childhood that got twisted through tunnels of sexual deviancy, and sprinkled with nightmares. It very likely is the most dirty adult coloring book you'll ever see, and you can see why just from the cover. Never in my wildest dreams (or nightmares) would I ever imagine coloring in a picture of a man looking deranged after giving a Dirty Sanchez, but yet that is now something I can say in reality. It's a titillating ride!" John F

"Erin Chavez is the Stephen King of vividly strung obscenities - the Andy Warhold of pornographic outlining - and the Pittsburgh Saints of blending the two. 'The Most Dirty Coloring Book' bill make you feel like you're gazing at Mona Lisa's big honkin' tatas!" Spanky Johnson

Bottom line - this is definitely a naughty coloring books for adults!