The Future Journal is a new concept, combining two tried and true methods of manifestation and self-development.

The premise behind "The Future Journal" is an easy one... it's all about creating your future exactly how you want it to be. You take visualization and couple it with writing prompts, and this journal was born.

It is a fun way to create the future you want while including writing, which somehow, someway, creates an even more powerful force when it comes to manifesting your desires, goals and dreams.

Here's What You Get


  • Fun pages that take the seriousness out of life and adds lighthearted fun!

  • 50 questions/writing prompts that will help to catapult manifestation of your desires!

  • One additional page per question that you can use for additional writing or for a second go-around in your journal!

  • Lots of fun imagining and creating the future you really want!


So often we get caught up in the mundane things life has to offer. We bog ourselves down with our chores and responsibilities. We have forgotten how to dream! Or when we do think about our dreams, we downplay them in our minds, justifying not going after them with negative comments to ourselves.

It is time to stop that!

It is time to start adding more goodness into your day/life. When you add more good, you take away time that could've been spent in the negative sphere. And when you add more good in the fashion that this journal is set up, you create a space for your life to simply get better.

When using this journal, you will dive into different scenarios that will really put your future in an amazing light! And, the beauty of it all, when you see an amazing future, that is what will manifest for you.

Life is magical! Let's get to work embracing and harnessing that magic!

What makes this journal so different?

I'm sure you're familiar with visualizing your goals, right? It's when you visualize yourself living the life you want. It's not about you attaining your goals. It's about you having already attained them.

I'm also sure you know the power behind journaling - especially when you put pen to paper and physically write. It really connects body, mind and spirit in a way that is magical!

This journal combines the visualizing and the journaling to make it a manifesting powerhouse!

When you use this journal, you are writing as if you are the person you will be after you attain your greatest desires, dreams and goals.

For example, there are a couple of pages where you will plan a party. Don't look at this as if you are planning it current day. Instead, imagine how you will plan this party after you have all the money, happiness and health you could ever dream of having! I know the second option will look tremendously different from the first!

This goes for every page of this journal. You ARE your future self filling out this book. You ARE healthy! You ARE wealthy! You ARE happy! You ARE everything you want to be!

This is such a great way to play, have fun, and really enjoy what you're manifesting! Plus, it will spice things up for you and give you different things to imagine, in that great imagination of yours, getting you even more excited for what is about to come.

I hope you enjoy this new and fun way to manifest that glorious life of yours!

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