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For one-off pieces, not available below, check out my RedBubble Page (definitely adult content)

All physical items are print-on-demand (POD) through other websites. That means when you purchase an item through the links below, the printer will get your item on the press and mail it out to you. I, personally, go through PrintersStudio for all of the card decks and coffee table books because it is the only POD provider who will do playing/oracle/tarot decks and coffee table books. Their site isn’t as modern as one would like, but they’ve always served my customers and me well. For all other products (you’ll see them below), I go through RedBubble. They have excellent products and customer service; and they have been a delight to work with.


Oracles for the Weird

Card Deck

“Oracles for the Weird” is a deck of 53 oracle cards +1 Instruction for Use card. These are POKER sized cards, not the bigger sized cards that oracle/tarot cards are normally sold as, they are easier to carry & to work with! Some cards are loving, some are very weird. There might be some people out there who could be offended by some of the cards. So, they’re good and fun! These are perfect for card readers who want a change from the typical deck; or for a not-so-typical friend who reads cards.


The Adult Alphabet

A Naughty Book

“The Adult Alphabet” book is a naughty pleasure to thrill and entertain you and your guests! It takes you through each letter of the alphabet, with each page pleasuring your funny bone. Grab some coffee, sit on your couch and enjoy this one-of-a kind wonder. OR fill with anticipation to see the look on your friends face when they open The Adult Alphabet as a gift.



Daily Reflections

Card Deck

Overall, "Daily Reflections" are cards meant to motivate you, prompt thoughts, and to use in a daily journal practice or meditation practice. There are 31 Reflection cards; so there is no need to repeat a card in any given month. Also included is an "Ideas for Use" card to give you more ideas on how to use this deck of cards. It is my truest hope that "Daily Reflections" will inspire and motivate you daily! And, hopefully, they will add to your life in awesome ways that you don't yet know.

Hold on to your pants and don't let grandma see this.

This is a sampling of some of the images that are included in the physical products on RedBubble and the above links..

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