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"Write it Down, Make it Happen" Book Review

If there was ever a book I wish I already had implemented into my life, this would be the one. Too bad I can't absorb it through osmosis...

This is a book review of "Write it Down, Make it Happen" by Henriette Anne Klauser. Actually, the full title is, "Write it Down, Make it Happen - Knowing What You Want and Getting It." (Check it out here.) I got this book at least 10 years ago on the recommendation of my sister. It sat on my bookshelf, untouched, for almost a decade. Looking back, how sad! Maybe I just wasn't ready for it back then, who knows. What I do know is that I was ready for it now! What a fantastic book! It's, obviously, about writing things on paper (or, I guess, on a computer) and watching them come to reality in your life. As a side note: I recently took a course that was all about writing to find answers that you seek. This book, while not as flowery, covers a lot of the same topics. What I'm saying is - you don't need a fancy course - you need this book. Okay, I'm about to give away some of the juicy details of the book. I'll preface my list of what was included in the book with this: the author explains each of these topics (and more) with much more detail and explanation. Here are my personal favorite ideas that the book suggested: * Dump pages (write for 30 minutes each morning - don't stop writing) * Ask questions on an index card. Wait about a week, do a short meditation, and my first thought after meditation is the answer to one of the cards I pick. * Carry a notebook with me and write down ideas, questions, things I want to remember, etc. * Write a personalized visualization for me that includes realization of my goal and what my daily life looks like after my goal is attained. * Write letters to the things (or circumstances) that I want. * Ask a question and write until I come to a resolution. * Make a list of specific things I want, but don't attach to them. * Be near water to write. (It's a negative ion thing.) * Every morning, write my intentions for the day. * Write letters to my higher self. * Write about what I am resisting in life. * Get rid of everything I don't love by numbering them with post-it notes. Anything greater than a 3 - get rid of it! Don't hold on to anything because of sentimental reasons. (That's a tough one for me...) * Gratitude lists. Of course, gratitude. What I've been shown, over and over, is by putting pen to paper, you really can create magic in your life. I'm not sure why, or how; but I do know it is amazing when you do this. I really, really hope you get this book. It's an easy read with spectacular ideas!

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