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Visualization Script and Recording Tips

All month long, we're celebrating the release of Field Guide to Happiness with excerpts from the book! In the book, there are 11 visualization scripts, as well as the visualizations pre-recorded for you and available as a free download as a bonus! (The url for the bonuses is in the book.) I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Recording Tips

When you see the visualizations, you will notice (italicized words and parentheses). That is to indicate directions for you when reading or recording the visualizations for yourself. Don’t record that portion of the visualization, just pause that amount of time, or follow the direction given before you continue recording. If there are no directions between lines, just take a short pause before reading the following line. While recording, you will want to read much slower and calmer than you usually speak.

Money Flows to Me Visualization

Welcome to your visualization. You deserve this time to create the life you want for yourself.

As you settle into a position that is comfortable for you, start to notice your breath.

(pause 15 seconds)

There is no need to control it or make it slower. In fact, you may notice that simply by noticing your breath, it will begin to slow, and perhaps it will deepen as well.

(pause 5 seconds)

Just keep noticing your breath…

(pause 5 seconds)

When a thought comes to your mind, notice that it is there, release it, and go back to your breath.

(pause 20 seconds)

Now, as you breathe in, imagine a beautiful glow of the color you choose, being inhaled and filling your entire body.

(pause 10 seconds)

As you exhale, release any negativity you may have built up inside of you. Your exhales are a great time to make sure your body is all relaxed, and you release any tensions in your muscles.

(pause 10 seconds)

Remember, with each inhale, you are growing the beautiful glow… it fills your body so much it starts to surround your body and maybe even fill the room you’re in right now.

(pause 20 seconds)

This glow is the glow of pure love. You have pure love filling your body and surrounding your body.

Keep breathing. Keep noticing the beautiful, growing glow. Keep releasing any negativity and tensions.

The next time you hear my voice, we will begin the visualization process to create the life you want…

(pause 30 seconds)


Imagine yourself sitting someplace safe where things are flowing next to you. It could be a river, a creek, the beach, outer space, on the top of a windy hill… Anywhere you can imagine something flowing past you.

(pause 10 seconds)

Is it sunny or dark? Are other people nearby, or are you alone? What kind of comfortable clothing are you wearing? Are there any distinct smells, sounds, or physical feelings? Take a moment and let that image develop fully in your mind.

(pause 20 seconds)

As you are sitting there, you suddenly notice something flowing past you. You find it curious, but you keep developing this image in your mind.

(pause 10 seconds)

Again… something just went flowing past you, but there were 3, maybe four different things this time! You decide to pay attention and see what is happening.

Sure enough, you see about ten more things coming toward you! You try to grab them as they flow by and notice it’s money! There are checks, cash, digital encryptions…! All kinds of money are flowing by you!

The more you look, the more money you see! It’s everywhere, all around you, flowing, flowing, flowing…

Now that you are aware that money is always coming, and the more you pay attention, the more money there is, you decide you’re going to grab some!

You pull out something that will catch the money.

(pause 5 seconds)

As you start accumulating all of this money, you realize there is way more money than you would ever need! At first, you think you should get every last bit that is possible, but as you continue seeing all of this money flowing by, you realize it’s always going to be there. You just need to open your eyes to it to see all the money.

You realize there is so much money out there that there is enough for everybody in the world and that it’s available anytime you want some.

You go somewhere where you can take your attention off the flow of money all around you. You count what you just accumulated, and WOW, it’s enough for everything you want!

Take a moment to think about everything you will do and buy with the money you just accumulated.

(pause 20 seconds)

There is nothing too small or too big. Nothing is greedy; you deserve anything and everything you want!

You realized that you actually have more money than you need right now, and you want to give some away. For a moment, think about who you want to give it to, and imagine the surprise on their face and the pure happiness you’ll feel in your heart.

(pause 20 seconds)

What a great day you’ve spent accumulating all of this money! You decide that you have plenty of money for now because you know that at any time you want more money, all you need to do is to realize it is flowing by you - all of the time, money is flowing into your life. It flows to you faster than you can spend it.

And remember - this flow of money is available to everyone! You simply cannot take more than your fair share because money is abundant and flows all around. You can return to the flow of money wherever you’d like.


(quicken your voice and allow it to sound more upbeat and normal)

You’ve done a very good job today! You have successfully established what your life is. A life filled with love, happiness, and all the wonderful things love and happiness holds for you.

It’s time to start to wiggle your toes… your fingers… start to move your body a little bit…

When you are ready, you can open your eyes.

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