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We all know how important visualizing is in order to bring good things into your life; but what if you draw a blank right before you start? Here's a great method to always make sure you know what you're going to visualize!

If you read just about any self-help book, or "new age" book, you're going to realize just how important visualization is in order to draw what you want into your life. There are all kinds of books out there that will explain why, so we won't go into detail here. Just suffice it to say that it is damned important! With that being said, sometimes I find it difficult to find something to visualize about. Sure, I know what I want in my life; but when it's time to put it into action - I just have trouble coming up with what to imagine - that is until I created my visualization menu! This is such a handy thing to have by your visualization spot; because just like in a restaurant, you can go over your menu and decide exactly what sounds best to you at that moment. The steps are very simple! 1. First, you got to know what you want to happen in your life. This is normally a general topic, and it almost boils down to happiness. 2. Second, you write down the things that would make you happy! (Don't expect these things to happen - just know that if they did happen, how happy you would feel.) 3. Third, get really specific with these ideas! Again - just don't expect these things specificially. They might all come to pass! But we're going after the gloriously happy feeling they would bring you. (If it's not these specific things that happen, it will be something even better.) 4. Fourth, pick one and visualize. Daily. It can even be a short visualization of 3-5 minutes. No stress, just fun! For example, my general life goal is to be happy! Creativity, health, wealth, and love are all subcategories that I want to feel that happiness. Let's look at the creativity aspect that would make me happy... for me, I want endless creativity. I want to write, draw, and to create fun systems for others. Let's narrow down the writing category a bit. These are the items that would go on my visualization menu: * Send my agent a year-long flower delivery for all of her help! * Me on a grand book-tour! * Me, sitting at my computer, enjoying a great cup of coffee, typing away at my next best-seller! * Receiving emails from readers who love what they read in one of my books! See! It's so fun and easy, and when you take all of the different categories that you come up with, you will easily be able to pick one that feels good in the moment to visualize. A pro-tip from Mike Dooley is if you find you can't visualize very well, just feel the excitement. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT of having anything and everything you want. This life of ours is supposed to be fun and full of gooey goodness. We deserve every last drop that we can imagine.

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