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Sarah Sells Seashells by the Seashore

This is a fun little read that will surprise you at the end!

Meet Sarah. She sells seashells by the seashore.

Every morning, Sarah wakes up to a beautiful ray of sunshine pouring through her bedroom window. She thinks

how she is waking up to another day in paradise. Sarah smiles at the day, hops out of bed, a

nd does a few sun salutations to start her day off on the right foot. After getting ready, enjoying her coffee, and writing in her journal, Sarah gathers her seashells and puts them in her backpack, which she then slings onto her back. She straddles her bicycle and heads off to the seashore. On Sarah’s way to the seash

ore, she approaches Mike. He’s the local flower guy who sells his beautiful flowers on the corner of Main and Seaside. Sarah stops to say hello, and he gives her one of the most vibrant daisies she has ever seen! Mike wishes her a good day and she continues riding her bike down the street. The next corner is coming up quick; and this is where Alice lives. That’s right, Alice is homeless, but not for long. Sarah has always admired Alice and was saddened by her fall into homelessness

. Sarah decided that she was going to do everything possible to help Alice; so every morning, Alice will hop on the seat of Sarah’s bike while Sarah peddles like crazy to the next intersection which comes to a T with the seashore. Alice hops off the bike, they say their goodbyes, and she walks away. Sarah pushes her bike to her favorite sp

ot to sell her seashells. She unloads all of her seashells onto a beautiful blanket and puts up a sign that they are for sale. She settles in for the day. Sarah sits on half of the blanket, feeling the sun warm her skin and the sea breeze brush her hair. She often-times closes her eyes, and gets lost in her thoughts of gratitude about her life. That’s normally when h

er customers come by. They stop and chat with Sarah and tell her that even though they’ve been looking for seashells, they haven’t found any nearly as beautiful as what she has laid out for them to buy. They buy several handfuls of seashells and walk away happy to have met Sarah. By the end of the day, Sarah is almost sold out of seashells! She is, once again, beyond grateful for her life, and she sees Alice walking up towards her. Alice is carrying something very heavy in her shirt, and Sarah knows that she once again has been busy that day. Alice gets to Sarah and shows her all of the beautiful seashells she collected that day! They hug, Sarah pays Alice half of her

day’s pay, they put all of the new seashells in Sarah’s backpack, and Sarah peddles Alice back to her corner. When Sarah drops Alice off, they say their goodbyes and Alice walks into a bistro to get some food with a small part of her hard-earned money. Sarah gets home, washes the day’s sand off of her and sits on her deck to watch the sunset. She is so very grateful that her life has turned out as it has. She looks back on the day and is so happy for each and every thing that transpired. The thing she is most grateful for though, is that she was able to help Alice. The day is coming close where Alice will be able to afford a place of her own, and Sarah knows that’s because she has been able to help her. As the sun sinks below the horizon, Sarah goes inside to fix some hot tea and settle in for the evening. She lays in her most comfortable bed and imagines all the goodness that tomorrow will bring. She knows exactly what it will bring… Another day in paradise. And she’s always right. ** You may wonder why you just read a seemingly simple story. It was to prove to you how simple visualization is to do. So many people have a hang up with visualizing because they think they can’t do it; but they couldn’t be more wrong. When reading “Sarah Sells Seashells”, you were able to see the scenes in your mind, right? It’s the exact same process with visualizing. And we all know how freaking important it is to visualize, right? If you have trouble coming up with what you want to visualize, check out this post. It’s about making a menu so you can pick and choose what you’re in the mood to visualize. To your endless days in paradise... P.S. Did you notice how Sarah thought about how grateful she is, and how she expects her day to go well? Those are important too!

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