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November Feels

Time. It can really get away from us, especially when we're busy. We want more of it, but when we find more time, we tend to fill it with more busy work.

I've decided that I want to slow down. I want to appreciate the time, the month, the season that is upon me. That is why I've created "November Feels".

"November Feels" is all about making sure I take the time to enjoy, well, life. It has:

  • A section to decide how you want to feel this month.

  • A section to decide on things you can do to make sure you feel that way.

  • A section to realize what might steal your time this month, if you were to let it.

  • A section to decide what you DO want to dedicate your time to this month.

  • A monthly calendar.

  • A sheet to fill out what you are most grateful for each day of the month.

  • A habits tracker, so you can make sure you do the things that are most important to you.

  • A "plan ahead" sheet so you can get a jump on the upcoming month.

The awesome thing is that I am sharing this with you for free! Each month, you'll be able to download and print the month's packet so you, too, can make sure to slow down and soak up life.

Just this morning, in "The Course in Miracles Experiment" by Pam Grout, I noted this:

"NOW is all that exists and it is an unlimited gift of pure presence".

Yes, please! I love that!

If this sounds good to you, you get get it for free below.

Do you want to receive these monthly packs each month in your email?

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November Vibes
Download PDF • 27.24MB

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