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Just Love - A Channeled Message

Do you ever look in the mirror and realize what an absolute beauty you are?



Do you mean to say that you allow yourself to focus on what the years gone by are showing and telling you?

That's nonsense!

You, dear human that is disguised as a human, are beautiful! You are pure love, and love is beautiful! Love only improves with age. When you can feel and appreciate that - you will begin to watch your reflection improve to your human eyes.

It really is fun that in order to have that which you want, you simply need to trust. Trust in your higher self, your guardian angels, your spiritual group... and also, choose love.

Trust in us to take care of your desires, and while those are aligning for you - LOVE!

Love the beauty all around you and love you. Even those bits of you that you may, currently, not feel like loving.

It's amazing how much LOVE will change your world.

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