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I dare you! Change your thinking patterns!

I can't exactly dare YOU without taking the dare on myself. Read on to see exactly what I did for 7 days that took me out of my normal thinking patterns. ;0

Let’s just talk about being weird and having fun… IT ALL STARTED IN BOOK CLUB… We are reading, “Why Buddhism is True” by Robert Wright. We were talking about a sentence in the book that basically says we always default to thinking patterns that are habituated by ourselves.

THAT GOT ME THINKING… How can we change our default settings, as humans? I remembered that one way is shake up your day! Do things that you wouldn’t normally do. WHICH LEADS US TO THIS. We all promised to dare ourselves to do one thing different each day. Here are mine for the next 7 days: 1. Talk like a ventriloquist and use my hand as a puppet. 2. Do 10 calf raises every time I stand up. 3. Learn the Macarena. 4. Skip all day – don’t walk anywhere. 5. ONLY eat pure food. No processed stuff. 6. Spend ALL day in my bedroom, only come out for supper (and chores) and NO speaking all day. 7. Put tape over my mouth to really train myself to breathe through my nose. ***** I’ve dared myself, now I dare YOU to shake things up for a week and see what happens! Make it fun and silly!

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