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How to change Your Life

Wow. What a title.

There are so many wonderful, fun and exciting things you can do to change your life, but I bet you haven't done this one since you were a kid!

Drumroll.....! It's pretending! It's not about donning your old princess gowns though. It's pretending to be the person you most want to be. Some people call it, "acting as if" you already are the person you want to become. But that was always confusing to me. Pretending to be the person I most want to become... now that is something I can get behind.

As adults, we largely have forgotten how to pretend. Just answer these questions for yourself:

  1. Who/What do you most want to be? (Your wildest dream version of yourself!)

  2. What do you think that person does with their time?

  3. What do you think that person wears?

  4. How do you think that person talks?

  5. How do you think that person walks?

  6. Who do you think that person spends their time with?

Let's say somebody most wants to be a super successful chef of their own food truck. We'll answer the above questions with that in mind.

  1. I want to be a revered chef at my own food truck!

  2. I develop a list of the recipes I want to create and come up with cost per plate vs how much I can charge to know my profit margin. I also research how to run a food truck, how to get funding, and where to buy a food truck.

  3. I wear clothes I can cook in, and get a chefs hat so I can really feel the mood.

  4. I talk about food! I talk about success! I talk about my adoring customers!

  5. I walk with confidence and ease.

  6. I spend time with people who love my food, business managers, and other food truck chefs.

Just imagine this person pretending to be what they most want to be - a food truck chef. They are living that life! They are taking steps in a fun and non-threatening way! They are on their way to becoming who they most want to be.

There is another side to this besides the obvious... when you pretend to be who you most want to be, you are activating the magic of life, and letting the universe know exactly what you expect to happen.

What a great way to live.

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