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Ho'Oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness. It goes against what most of us are taught growing up; but can radically transform your life if you practice it.

You know those things that simply need to be experienced to be fully understood? The ho'oponopono prayer is one of those things. To describe it fully takes getting in a totally different mind-frame. But to do it simply takes us allowing the words of the prayer to do their magic. You can use this prayer to help heal just about anything in life from health to relationships to the state of the world. When you first start out though, I recommend working on healing something with you, not with somebody else. We'll get to that in a minute. There are 4 simple sentences: 1. I'm sorry. 2. Please forgive me. 3. Thank you. 4. I love you. Let's get in to what these statements mean, and this is where it gets a little mind-bendy. I'm sorry. We all live from our own reality. Our pasts make us see things in a way that only we can see them; so we literally make up our reality based on our past. We see what we allow ourselves to see. We experience what we allow ourselves to experience. It for those reasons, we are responsible for things in our lives. The good, the bad and the ugly. Trust me. I understand the misunderstanding here that you probably have. How could YOU have been the reason for that accident? How could YOU have been responsible for the argument where the other person was clearly in the wrong? All I can say is for now, just go with it. Just go with it. (Worth repeating.) Mean it when you say you're sorry. Feel the remorse.

Please forgive me. It doesn't matter who you are asking forgiveness from. Your just asking. Maybe it's the Universe, God, or even yourself. Just ask for forgiveness and mean it. Thank you. Now, you're thanking whatever/whoever for the forgiveness. Mean it. Feel it. I love you. You love whoever/whatever you asked forgiveness and whoever/whatever you thanked. Even yourself! Love is what makes the love go round. Love, love, love. Love anything and everything. Just love. The more you can repeat this prayer in a single sitting, the better. If you can only muster up one time, fine! But the more you do it, the better. About what was said earlier about healing something with you first instead of something that deals with somebody else... When we first start doing this, it is really hard to understand that we created the thing we don't want in our lives. It sounds crazy. BUT, if you focus on you and something you want to heal like an addiction, eating disorder, stress, anxiety... something that you can honestly look at and think, "Yeah. I did that to myself", focus on that. When you do that, you won't have any doubts who you are saying "I'm sorry" to (yourself), "Please forgive me" to (yourself). I know this whole concept can seem a bit whack. Please give it a whirl though. One example: I was harboring some ill feelings toward somebody, did the prayer for 5 minutes, and then they called me and did the opposite of why I was mad. It was crazy! To help explain this a little further, here is a video from a great guy that does awesome work! It even includes a meditation at the end for the Ho'oponopono prayer.

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