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Happiness Habit Tracker

Do you want to know how to be happy? You make it a habit, of course! We have weekly Happiness Challenges underway (sign up here), and soon, FIELD GUIDE TO HAPPINESS: THE GO-TO GUIDE TO CREATE HAPPINESS & LIVE A MAGICAL LIFE will be released, sooooo...

It's time to have a fun way to start holding ourselves accountable for our own happiness! After putting our own happiness on the back burner for so many years, it's time to finally put ourselves front and center. It's time to declare to ourselves that WE MATTER and when we're happy, MAGIC will begin happening in our lives!

I know. It may feel like a far stretch, but that's exactly why we need to hold ourselves accountable to make sure we do it. Before long, you are going to notice a shift in your life. A shift of attitude, outlook on life, and, yes, happiness and magic will (re)introduce themselves to you.

Doing something daily to make you happy doesn't need to be grand. It can be as simple as doing the dishes when you didn't want to and that creating a little spark of happiness in yourself because you got them done. Of course, the big things count too!

Every Sunday, a new Happiness Challenge is sent out to the email subscribers. (You can sign up at the top of the homepage or the bottom of this post if you haven't already.) While you are only asked to do most of those challenges one time out of the week, you can choose to do it as often as you want! And, of course, the book is released on October 1st is fully dedicated to your happiness, but that won't be out for several months. BUT, never fear! There are some free (yes, 100% free) eBooks that you can download if you would like some new ideas on things you can do to create happiness for yourself!

  • Life's Scavenger Hunt

  • Today I Am

  • The Future Journal

  • 21 Days to Happy

  • Rediscover Your Spark

I hope you'll join me in making your happiness and YOU a priority. I'll post my updates on my Instagram stories, so if you'd like to follow along, you can do so here.

To your happiness! *clink*

Oh, dang. I almost forgot the Happiness Habit Tracker download!

Happiness Habit Tracker
Download PDF • 3.65MB

It looks like this:

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