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Get Help from the Universe

We don't have to navigate this world alone. We can get help from the Universe, and it's willing and ready!

Instead of taking on this subject in all my human form, I thought I would refer to a channeled message I received.

Channeled Message: Allow the Universe

For life to go the way you really, really want it to go, you need to do two things.

  1. Let go of those thoughts made up in your brain.

  2. Allow the goodness of the universe to flow through you.

Simple, yes. Easy, not so much when you look at them through your human eyes and brain thoughts.

Imagine trying to swim against a current. It's hard! Now, imagine yourself on that same current, but now, you're on an innertube, having fun and going with the flow of the current. So much better!

You want to know exactly HOW to allow the goodness of the universe to flow through you.

We want to say that you just ALLOW it to happen because you ARE the universe, but you need more than that.

You need to DECIDE to do it. Decide you want to allow the flow.

Go outside, feel the breeze, open your arms and imagine you have all the goodness of the universe flowing through you.

Sure. You may feel silly, and it may not give you results the first - or 50th - time you try it. But keep going. Keep trying.

You'll know when it's finally worked when you feel such peace and love.

This could literally happen for you this second, but the key is that your earthly human must allow it to happen.

Keep doing it. Keep trying. Your human body and mind will get the picture and eventually allow.

How sweet it is when it happens.

So much love. So much peace. You will feel the oneness.

Implement this, and you will be going with the flow, receiving help from the universe. Easy!

*Slightly edited with help through automatic writing with my guides. Originally released in 33 Tips from the Other Side, which you can get for free here.

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