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Eureka! A Breakthrough!

I hope I've been very transparent that I, too, am on the journey for continual happiness. In my journal entry, I mad a big, BIG discovery!

Straight from my journal: I am still super excited about what I figured out yesterday, but reality has set in. The concept of something is always more fun than the part where you put it into action. That's when your ego can get in the way, and then - you know - failure. After realized this is how I felt this morning, I've decided to go about this venture differently. I have come to learn that I am pure spirit, I am here to create whatever I want and I have every bit of power, within me, to make that happen. THAT is what I need to remain focused on. THAT is why it's so important to choose happiness all the time. When I choose happiness - my state of mind is light, accepting, and love based. When my state of mind is love based, this power - this magic - my pure spirit can shine and do what it is supposed to do... Allow me the life of adventure and awesomeness I am here to experience! I've got to remember that ANYTHING is possible. I just need to believe it; and when I live from my spirit instead of my ego - I will create exactly what I want. Not what I fear. ****** Right after I wrote that, I got in the shower and another piece of the puzzle came to me. Focusing on how I can heal anything, how I can make anything happen, how I can do this or that or the other... it's not necessary. The one thing I need to focus on is happiness. When I'm happy - everything else falls into the exact spot I want. (Let me take this opportunity to remind you how important it is to know what you want!) All of what I wrote applies to you as well. Each one of us can do this. We simply need to choose happiness. Have you seen the super cheap, "21 Days to Happy"?

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