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Easy Ways to Be Happy!

There are SO many ways to be happy, and it all depends on what mood you are in. If you're feeling sad, the same thing won't make you happy compared to if you were feeling adventurous.

Below is a list of 5 random things you can do to find happiness. They are all from Field Guide to Happiness, where you will find MANY more ideas!

  1. Celebrate yourself! Throw yourself a little party with all the special things you like, and celebrate being YOU!

  2. Say, "I love you," every time you pass a mirror. Feel free to blow yourself kisses and wink.

  3. Balance your root chakra. This will bring you down to earth and reconnect you to the basics of life. Eat red foods, wear some patchouli or cedarwood and stomp around to music with a lot of bass!

  4. Free yourself. Claiming your freedom, whatever that looks like to you will make you happier than any amount of money ever will. So, where do you feel tied down? What can you do to release those constraints?

  5. Journal! Here are a few prompts to choose from: * What if you actually do end up with everything you desire? * Write about a fun memory from when you were a kid. * Make a list of things you want to let go of. * What if you could fly? How would it feel, and what would you do? * What does the ideal solution look like to a problem you're currently facing?

I hope you found something on the list to help you feel happier right now!

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