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Easy gift ideas 2021

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Gift giving can be hard! Especially this year, with rumblings of supply chain shortages... :(

Below is a compilation of books created by Erin, of easy gift ideas for 2021, based on the type of person your friend or family member is.

If there are 2 books, it means they are best given together!

While these are offered on Amazon, please know you are still supporting a small business... Me!

(Most of these are for ages 15 and up!)

For the person who wants a lot for their future:

The Future Journal

Today I am

For the person who is on a spiritual journey:

33 Tips From the Other Side: Your guide to get the most out of your experience on earth

The Tiny Booklet: A Channeled Message

For the person who wants a well-rounded approach to health:

Rediscover Your Spark

For the person who is a little dirty and demented (definitely 18+):

The Most Dirty Coloring Book You'll Ever See

For the person who likes to get out and do things:

Life's Scavenger Hunt

For the person who could use some good in their lives:

21 Days to Happy: An Activity Book for Adults

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