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Daily Inspiration - A channeled Message

If you were to pick one thing that inspires you, what would that be? Got it? Good! Now promise yourself that you'll do that inspirational thing every day.

Don't have one yet? That's fine! Just do what you think will bring you inspiration every day. You'll find it. No worries!

This is so important because it, that thing that inspires you, will create harmonious feelings within you.

Not only will that bode well for you but also for the world. There will be a ripple effect that influences those near and far. People you know, and those souls you've temporarily forgotten on the other side of planet earth.

What do we mean by "inspirational"?

Anything that lights you up! Woodworking, writing, fishing, gardening, drawing... you name it!

You, your loved ones and planet earth will benefit.

We thank you!


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