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Create Your Life Through Planning

It's time we take a new stance on planning because it has such a stringent, boring reputation. Are you ready to make this fun?! We can make this process super easy and fun, and it will literally help you create the best life you could ever imagine.

First, decide what you want. Not what you think you should do... what you truly want to happen in your life. Allow those big dreams to surface! If you don't know exactly what you want, that is fine too. Choose how you want to feel. Personally, I recommend choosing happiness; because when you are happy, that means the rest of your life has fallen into place in a perfect-for-you way.

Second, come up with the big steps it will take for you to achieve that goal. For example, if you want to run a marathon, but right now you're the champ of binging tv shows, these might be your three major steps: clean up your diet, start training for a marathon, and pick the marathon you are going to compete in.

Third, come up with smaller steps within the big steps. So, if we take the big step of "clean up your diet," it might include smaller steps like choosing to eat more vegetables and fruits, only eating out once a week, and ditching soda.

That's it! If you're feeling fancy, you can add dates to accomplish your steps, but you don't have to (unless, of course, you pick something like a marathon with a definite date.)

The key is to do something toward your goal every day! It could be something as simple as a google search to get needed information, but make sure you take a step toward your goal daily!

If you want help with this, email me. I'll help you for free. I love planning, and I want to see you happy. For real. Make your subject line "HELP ME PLAN!"

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