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Connect to the Universe Through Breath

Who better talk about connecting to the universe than the universe (aka Spirit) itself? This is a channeled message that speaks to connection through breath.


Too much on your plate these days? Or maybe you don't have one thing to keep you busy. The solution to both of these is the same - remain in a state of love!

How? By choosing it. It's really easy - don't listen to those thoughts in your head. When you hear them, stop. Breathe. Put your hand on your heart and smile. This is your natural state of being. When you do this, you will fall into the right feelings. You'll know what to do next.

You will feel exactly what you are... Love.

How does the human act of breathing connect you to Spirit? It is your life source. Without breath, your physical manifestation ceases to be. So, when you breathe with intention, you are connecting

your physical body to your source, your Spirit.

What do we mean by "with intention"? We mean with the intention to connect. You could just breathe deep with no intention and feel better because of the chemistry in your body. But when you breathe with intention, you are making the intent to connect with your higher self. That's also why it is so helpful to place your hand on your heart. It furthers the connection between the physical and the nonphysical - the Spirit.

How does this create a connection? The breath, the heart, and the intent? They are unseen vibrations EVERYWHERE. Your personal vibration is created, in large part, by your intention. Like vibrations attract like vibrations. When you intend to connect with Spirit, the vibration will match our vibration. That will connect us.

The breath and the heart are the physical intentions you can utilize the best.

We hear your question: "So, how are physical things - the breath and the heart - intentions?"

Oh, but see. The breath is not physical. The movement of breath is physical, but the actual breath is not. That is the connection with intent—the connection to Spirit.

Just breathing, without intent, is the physical movement your body does in order to breathe.

Breathing WITH intent takes the focus away from the physical and puts the focus on the intent. So, the vibrations we spoke of will match the vibration of your intent, drawing those vibes into your body - into your heart.

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