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Allowing the Unfoldment

The creative process is something we all go through. Whether we are writing a book, creating a business, or starting a new adventure... the process we go through to create this new thing in our lives is probably about as different as our DNA and yet as similar as drawing a breath.

The creative process is messy, scary, confusing, liberating, exciting, life-giving, and more! I thought sharing what I go through in this process might help somebody else not feel as crazy as I do because it always works out. Always.

Here we are with the last installment in the Creative Process blog series. It has been a ride, and I'm not sure I want to call this "the end." After all, even though the creation of my idea is complete, there is always more to do, right? And by that, I mean marketing. (Can you hear the echo down the long marketing hallway? hello...hello...hello...can you figure me out...can you figure me out...can you figure me out...?)

To be honest, this is the point in my endeavors that I used to quit. I would put my entire heart and soul into something, make it available, and be heartbroken that "nobody wanted it." In reality - nobody knew about it!! I think this is a problem a lot of creatives have... and it's one we need to stop! For me, the reason is two-fold. Number one, I simply don't know how to reach people in an effective manner. Number two, if nobody knows about it, they can't say bad stuff about it. Yeah. That number two will get me every time. It's just like somebody not thinking your baby is cute. How dare they?! Don't they know how precious that kid is to you?!

When it comes to creative works, though, people always have an opinion. In a perfect world, they would keep their opinions to themselves unless it favored our work, right? Then the mom side of me chimes in and says that if someone else doesn't like what I've done, it's a reflection on them and not me. The truth of the matter is, though, that as long as you have done the best you can do - there's nothing else you can do to make it better! You've done your best! And THAT is something to be proud of! You can always improve next time. As we always do.

Alright. I got off on a bit of a tangent there.

About the unfoldment and allowing it to happen. I truly believe there are magical forces at work in our lives. (Don't ask me what they are. It sure is a lot more fun to live in a world of that possibility, though.) I have done the best I can do. I am going to continue doing the best that I can do. (Unlike previous attempts when I would stop.) Because of that action and my determination and my goals... things are unfolding before me in ways that I wouldn't have dreamed.

I've had a neighbor say she would share my bulk sales page with an interior designer she knows, with the possibility of the designer buying books in bulk for her clients.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and replied to a Facebook post about speaking for 30 minutes. Because of that, the woman who posted said she could think of many ways to help me promote my book! We're meeting tomorrow.

Will these things pan out? I sure don't know. BUT I know they wouldn't have happened if I didn't keep doing. They wouldn't have happened if I quit after the creation of my book.

Even if they don't pan out, they will have happened, and things like this will continue to happen. I just know it to be true. Something will work - or maybe many things will work.

The more I write, the more I feel comfortable cutting off the Creative Process series at this post. What comes next will all be about doing and allowing. It will be about believing in myself and pressing on. We'll see what happens, and I am excited about this next phase.

If you have been reading along, I'd love to know your story. Feel free to email it to me if you don't want to comment.

We are here to create our lives and to be happy along the way! I hope you continue to muster up the courage to release your creativity. Our world will be better for you and your genius. :)

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