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7 Easy and Fun Journaling Prompts

There is MUCH to be said about putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, and this week we're gonna ROCK it! Seven easy and fun journaling prompts coming at ya!

Don't ask me where the magic comes from when we decide to simply write. My best guess is answers come directly from our pure self, maybe our angels (even though I'm on the fence about angels)! Who knows. All I do know is you can get some amazing answers when you choose to write. The best thing is - you don't even need to be good at writing! Here are 7 easy and fun journaling prompts for you. Write for as long as you need to and maybe longer than you want. Sometimes it takes the answers a few more words to come out. :) 1. How would somebody from 1850 describe your life right now? 2. Pretend you have already accomplished all of your dreams. Write about a day in the life of how you now live your life since you already have all that you've ever wanted. 3. Write down a burning question you have and then start answering that question. 4. Write about your fears. All of them. List them, explain them and talk about them with your written word. 5. Pretend you are somebody who is important to you and then write about why YOU are so awesome - through their eyes. 6. Write about things you wish people would say to you. Your parents, siblings, friends, etc. 7. Write about a deep secret you have, or a deep hurt. Get it all out! When you're done, you can always destroy the paper. There you have it! I hope you enjoy this and get a lot out of the experience.

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