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528 Hz

Ahhh. The frequency of love.

Everything has a frequency - a vibration. And when I say everything, we're talking everything. Water, trees, people, thoughts, tables, food, glass... you name it, it vibrates a specific frequency.

Whatever you vibrate at will attract things of the same vibration as we've discussed before. If you are having negative thoughts, you'll attract negative things, just as you will attract positive things if you are having positive thoughts. That is why it is so important to be aware of what you're thinking and to do things that will keep your thoughts and being in a positive vibration. Doing so will create happiness for you - genuine, profound happiness.

Let's talk about 528Hz and why it's so important and wonderful.

There is what's called the "Solfeggio Scale." There are seven different frequencies on this scale, and each one represents something different, creating a different effect for each one. (If you want free MP3s of each of these, they are available as bonuses from Field Guide to Happiness.)

Here's a quick rundown:

Since whatever your vibration is attracts the like vibration, when you listen to 528hz, you will attract more love into your life. And all the good in life comes from love.

In the name of love, you can download this free MP3 that vibrates at 528Hz.

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