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3 Tips for Daily Happiness

Whooooooo's looking for something easy to do that will make them happier?! Just about everybody, right?! Even if you're a happy person, you want more of it because you know just how easy it is to get. :)

Here are 3 things you can do to bring more happiness to your day:


This tip is so easy! All you do is come up with a mantra that feels good to you and repeat in your head throughout your day. Here are a few great ones if you don't have a go-to of your own yet:

* I am enough.

* I am doing the best I can.

* Love is everywhere. I am love.

5+ A DAY

Eat at least five servings of produce! There's always easy ways to fit them into what you eat throughout the day, and if you don't want to add them to something you're already eating, just make a good fruit salad!

Here's a simple recipe:

1 banana

1 small apple

1/2 cup diced pineapple

1 cup diced cantaloupe

8 strawberries

Rinse the apple and strawberries, chop up all of your fruits, combine and enjoy!


Think back on your life and come up with somebody who helped you, even if in a small way. Write that person a thank you note! You could email them, but an old-fashioned card or letter is the best way to go. Imagine the happiness they will receive when they get your envelope! In turn, knowing you've made somebody else happy will make you happy!

These three tips and so many more are available in Field Guide to Happiness!

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