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Every book I create is geared toward how to be happy, self-help and creativity.
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Want to know what the books are about?

Life's Scavenger Hunt - An Activity Book
Life's Scavenger Hunt is all about living life, trying new things, and having fun!

So often, we get caught up in our day-to-day routines that become pretty boring. And then, when we do decide to do something fun, we draw a blank (and resort to just watching more TV). It's time to put a stop to that!  It is time to start living life again.

Included in "Life's Scavenger Hunt" are 50 different adventures for you, you and your partner, or you and your family to embark upon. Many are done at home, but most are done while you are out and about.

There's nothing crazy in here - it's simply about living a good life and doing fun things.

33 Tips From the Other Side - A MUST READ!
If you are looking for guidance from the other side of life, this book is for you.


​You will learn that you are pure love and that by allowing the goodness of that love to penetrate your life, you are capable of anything.
Your soul wants you to know that you are loved more than you can understand, you are more perfect than the most beautiful sunrise, and you are 100% capable of achieving ANYthing you desire.

Welcome to the blossoming of your life. The ultimate purpose of this book is about getting from one point - wherever that may be for you - to the point of continued love, peace, and joy. To happiness, excitement, and realization of your deepest desires. It’s about living in a continued state of connectedness that life has to offer.

You will take a journey through 33 tips from the other side. These tips are full of love, and anybody can do them. The topics covered are all a very natural place for you to be because they are what you are made from.

Today I Am - A Journal

Today I Am: A Journaling Visualization Tool for Manifestation is a new and exciting method to create the life you desire!  This journal is to be filled out as if you already are the person you desire to be, with all of the happiness, love, wealth and health you could ever imagine!

See it as journaling your visualizations. In using this journal, you are setting intentions and letting the Universe, God, your Higher Self, whomever know exactly what you want from this life - PLUS you, yourself, are getting a much clearer picture of what you want from this life as well!

There are no limits because you are not limited. There is nothing taboo because any of your desires are worthy.

It is recommended to use this journal every day, and preferably in the morning. It will keep you in the right frame of mind and when we stay in that frame of mind, all the good things we want will come quickly.

​This is a new and unique take on journaling and manifestation, so you will also find sample pages filled out as well. 

The Tiny Booklet - A MUST READ!

If you've ever wanted a message from Spirit, this is the message for you!  This tiny booklet is a channeled message with a mere 267 words that will change your life if you follow what is presented.  It includes a simple visualization that will draw your desires to you.

Allow the loving ease of these words to fill you with excitement and allow your desire to come to the forefront of your life.

After the 267 word message for you, there is also a one page letter from Spirit  that was dictated for you as well.

The Future Journal - A Journal

The Future Journal is a new concept, combining two tried and true methods of manifestation and self-development.  The premise behind "The Future Journal" is an easy one... it's all about creating your future exactly how you want it to be. You take visualization and couple it with writing prompts, and this journal was born.

It is a fun way to create the future you want while including writing, which somehow, someway, creates an even more powerful force when it comes to manifesting your desires, goals, and dreams.

​Life is magical! Let's get to work embracing and harnessing that magic!  This is such a great way to play, have fun, and enjoy what you're manifesting! Plus, it will spice things up for you and give you different things to imagine, in that great imagination of yours, getting you even more excited for what is about to come.


21 Days to Happy - An Activity Book

21 Days. Have Fun.  (Dare I Say) Change Your Life.  This is an excellent self help workbook for adults, women, and teens.

Life can get... murky. We get stuck in our day in and day out routines and it can leave us feeling like we're missing out; or worse yet, missing LIFE. This 21 day activity book will get you out of your status quo and onto the path of more happiness in your life.

This is a super short book - 33 pages in total! So you get a short, sweet and simple method to create more happiness in your life.

Rediscover Your Spark - A Health Journal

Rediscover Your Spark - A 3 Month Health Journal was designed to fill a gap in the food journal / exercise journal / self-help market.

Health is about so much more than what you eat and how much you weigh. It's about fulfilling that inner need to express yourself, nurture yourself, and to love yourself and your life!  Health is body / mind / spirit. Rediscover Your Spark is all about incorporating all three of those areas to help you feel alive and loving life!