33 Tips from the other side

your guide to get the most out of your experience on earth

33 Tips Cover.png

If you are looking for guidance from the other side of life, this is the book for you.

There are 33 tips that, when applied, will catapult you to the life you dream of.

You will learn that you are pure love, and that by allowing the goodness of that love to penetrate your life, you are capable of anything.


"This book has been monumental in me getting over the roadblocks I've created in my life. I am so grateful to have read this book and I will continue to read it daily." ~ Denise

"I'm not sure how Erin does it, but she has channeled these messages so wonderfully! They are full of love and knowing. Incredible." ~ Sam


Your soul wants you to know that you are loved more than you can understand, you are more perfect than the most beautiful sunrise and you are 100% capable of achieving ANYthing you desire.

Welcome to the blossoming of your life. The ultimate purpose of this book is about getting from one point - wherever that may be for you - to the point of continued love, peace and joy. To happiness, excitement and realization of your deepest desires. It’s about living in a continued state of connectedness that life has to offer.

You will take a journey through 33 tips from the other side. These tips are full of love, and anybody can do them. The topics covered are all a very natural place for you to be, because they are what you are made from.