21 Days. Have Fun.
(Dare I Say) Change Your Life.

Are you looking for ways to be happy today? Maybe you need a new take on mental health for depression and anxiety?

This is a great self help workbook for adults, women and teens.

Life can get... murky. We get stuck in our day in and day out routines and it can leave us feeling like we're missing out; or worse yet, missing LIFE. This 21 day activity book will get you out of your status quo and onto the path of more happiness in your life.

This is a super short book - 33 pages in total! So you get a short, sweet and simple method to create more happiness in your life AND you get colored pages! What - colored pages?! Yes. It's almost unheard of when it comes to an activity book, but you got 'em here!

All of these activities are actually do-able. There is nothing that will cost you money (unless you want it to), and nothing that will be crazy weird. Maybe crazy. Maybe weird. But never together. ;)

Here's a list of the 21 activities:
  • Shake Your Tookus

  • Be Grateful with Reason

  • Throw that Shiz Out!

  • Dear Me…

  • Feel it Exciting

  • Nature (in)Sight

  • Dear You…

  • Help Somebody

  • The Perfect Trip

  • Purge Pages

  • Radiant Ritual

  • Just Cause

  • 3-2-1 Create!

  • Focus

  • **Planning Page**

  • Dare List

  • Self Hypnosis

  • The Twisted To-Do

  • The Habit

  • Nice Neighbor

  • Rinse and Repeat

  • Celebrate YOU!

Here's how it ALLLLL works:

* Read the intro & do the bonus activity. (Fire can be involved if you're feelin' it & safe.)
* Start by doing day one. Then day two. All the way to day twenty-one.

Oh, did I mention that day 21 is a party for YOU? ;)

There's not even a lot to read each day. Honest. And each day, you get a mediocre drawing from the moniker of the author - One Bad Artist.

It's all so easy-peasy for a phenomenal payoff!

Okay. My convincing is done. If you want to be happy (or happier), I hope you buy this activity book! Yay!